Memorial Day

I love national holidays. I love that I am given a day off from work and/or school just for living in this country. I wonder what percentage of the population actually celebrated Memorial Day in the manner it was meant to be. Memorial Day is intended to be a day to remember things come and gone: loved ones who have died; wars; popular trends; etc. Jen told me that some of her friends had an in memoriam bonfire, at which they reminisced about X-Fest, which, as of this year, will no longer take place.

However, I think most Americans miss the point of Memorial Day. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t spend the day in wistful contemplation. I did what most Americans do when they have a day off for a national holiday: barbeque. But on my way to the lake, alongside with the rest of the population of Minneapolis and its outlying suburbs, we drove past a graveyard filled with people visiting the resting place of their loved ones, people who truly observe Memorial Day. I guess part of the reason I’m so irreverent is that I shut out all of the loss that I have experienced. I’d rather spend the day eating hot dogs and throwing around a Frisbee than remember everything that I have lost over the years, whether due to my own negligence or otherwise, which sounds rather depressing. I suppose the people who really observe Memorial Day are people who have learned that loss does not always equal unhappiness. In fact, having the opportunity to take a day and remember the days we had those things we now lack, may make us appreciate more what we now have.

Anyway, Jen and I had a wonderful time up at her cabin from Monday night to Wednesday morning. Also, I got my DVD burner working again after cleaning the lense (thanks, Geek Squad). That?ll save me about $100 having to replace it, although I do kinda want a Double Layer drive. I know I?m a nerd. I have class tonight, and I need to do some homework, plus go the bank. I have no idea what I?m doing tonight. Maybe just hanging out here and playing video games. We?ll see.


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