So much for the summer…

So, my plans to update this thing once a week have failed miserably it seems. There’s only a month left to the summer, and I haven’t updated in two months. What a slacker I am. Not that I haven’t been busy. I’ve been working and doin’ the school thang. Jen and I had a wonderful trip down in NC over July 4th weekend. She met my mom, sister, dad, and stepmother. They all liked her a lot. Jen and I also took another trip up to her cabin a couple of weeks ago. The weather was gorgeous, which is good, because I hadn’t been able to actually enjoy the dock that I had helped put in until that weekend. The weekend following the dock was partially destroyed in a major storm. Jen and I are going up again in two weeks.

Jen had her wisdom teeth out this Monday past. She was scared, but she did very well and is feeling better already. I’m having mine ripped out the 26th of August, two days after my birthday. I guess I should start planning my party soon. It’s only 22 days away!

I managed to get a speeding ticket and a parking ticket within a month, which is grand. I’m going to fight both of them. Fuckin’ UMPD. I hate them with a burning fiery passion. Ugh.

I’ve seen some good movies and some not so good movies (reviews will follow), played much more World of Warcraft than I intended and should have, and managed to get through my french class without doing much of anything. I’m still hoping for an ‘A’ in the class, because it would be a huge boost to my cumulative GPA.

Some positions have opened up at the Minnesota Daily for which I am going to apply. Wishful thinking has me looking at the columnist position. Just think, a weekly column for me that people might actually read! Especially if they put it next to the crossword.

I’ve managed to miss every concert that I had intended to go to this summer, even Warped Tour, which I haven’t missed in three years. However, I am going to New York City this coming Friday. I’m meeting up with my parents, and we’re going to do sight seeing and have dinner at Tavern on the Green and see SPAMALOT! I’m really excited. This trip might make up for all of the other artistic ventures I’ve missed out since school let out.

At least I have about a month to relax before school starts again. I’ll try to get up some movie and music reviews soon.


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