School… ugh…

Well, the Fall Semester has begun, and I’m already slacking off. I’ve not yet done any homework this semester, and I skipped my French class this morning because I was sick to my stomach, and I really needed to get a haircut.

It’s been a bit of a transition going from living pretty much alone, to living with 2 other guys that I don’t know, one of whom is moving out already and has been replaced. I was going to be living with two other Dereks, but Derek Ruud resigned his position as a CA, and can no longer afford to live at the Melrose. I considered moving with him to a new apartment, but decided it’d just be easier to stick around at the Melrose rather than pick up an move again. Also, I’m interviewing tomorrow to take over Ruud’s position. I’m not sure if I want to do it though, because Derek always complains about it. I don’t want to hate my job, especially if I’m going to spend a lot of time doing it. Right now I’m working half-time at PJs, and I’m making pretty good money, which is nice.

My professors seem to be good for the most part, with the exception of the lady who teaches my Writing About Popular Culture class. She talks to us like 3rd graders. Meh. My writing about Popular Music course is going to be awesome, though the environment will get tense because people seem to be very biased about their musical opinions, myself included. I already made an enemy because I commented about Ashley Simpson being crappy. Well, she is, and I don’t see how anyone could buy her albums, especially after that whole SNL incident where she got busted lip-synching. Pwned.

Andy Tyra and I have resumed our friendship after six months of not communicating with each other. I’m really glad to have him back as a friend, and as someone that I can trust.

The Green Day concert at Excel is this Friday. I’m really looking forward to the show; I’ve been dying to see them since I was around the age of 9. Should be an especially grand show, since American Idiot is, in my opinion, their best album to date, and probably the best of the decade. It’ll be satisfying to check their name on my list of bands I need to see before they split up and/or die.

My hearing about my speeding ticket is on Thursday. Travis believes that if I tell the hearing officer that I may lose my job if the speeding ticket is added to my record as-is, that they will reduce it. I sure hope he’s right…

I’ve went on a CD buying binge this week. I picked up the Fall Out Boy CD, Hawthorne Heights, and Motion City Soundtrack. Hopefully I’ll get some reviews up soon for those CDs, as well as the Green Day show.

If you haven’t seen Wedding Crashers or The 40 Year-Old Virgin, go see them. Now.

I rented The Incredible Hulk – Ultimate Destruction this week, too. It’s unbelievably fun to play. I’ve found my crack for the next couple weeks.

I have a lot of reviews to write, don’t I? Fortunately, I can probably use some of these blog entries as assignments for my journalism class, or articles for the Wake. I guess I should get started.


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