Re: In Cyberspace, Games Play YOU

This started as a comment over on Random-Battle, but it got a little lengthy, so I moved it over here. Cameron was writing about all of the negative coverage video games get in the news, and how little good coverage there is.

You can’t really blame politicians for taking up the anti-video game banner; by which I mean it’s the only logical side for a politician to take on the debate.

It’s far easier to argue against violent video games than it is to argue for them. You get to tout the “protect the children” card, and gods know you don’t want to be seen as not caring about “the children.”

You don’t even have to go all Jack Thompson on the matter. Which is to say, be a completely illogical jerk on the matter. If you’re planning on running for public office, rehearse the following:

“Kids shouldn’t play violent video games. ‘Common sense’ tells us that playing interactive games MUST have an effect on feeble young minds. That effect (according to some, like anyone who believes Fox News is Fair and Balanced) is that it teaches them to kill without mercy or awareness of the repercussions. Therefore, we shouldn’t sell violent video games to children under 18 without parental consent.”

Let me shake your hand, Ms. Senator!

Aside from the murder thing, you’ll notice that these are statements that gamers are also ready to get behind. I don’t want any young children playing Manhunt. Not because I think it’ll turn them in to killers; I feel it’s inappropriate for kids to witness murders, be they real or imaginary. It’s too intense. I don’t want kids watching CSI either. It’s just when you start regulating the sale of violent video games with legislation that we raise the red flag. You’ll notice we also have the backup of the courts on this one.

Seriously, State Legislatures, stop wasting my and other taxpayers’ money with futile lawsuits. The video game industry can self-regulate just like the music and movie industries. We have a ratings system. Those ratings are clearly marked on the box, and are no more or less vague than the movie ratings. There are even parental controls built into some of the latest generation consoles. What more do you want?


1 Response to “Re: In Cyberspace, Games Play YOU”

  1. November 3, 2007 at 2:00 am

    That a violent video game might make an individual more prone to violence is hardly an adequate reason to bar them from playing the video game.

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