Haha! I get to be a Linux snob now!

So, after three days of working tirelessly and neglecting my girlfriend, I’ve finally gotten Ubuntu and XP to dual-boot from my 320 GB SATA.

The primary thing I’ve learned from the whole experience:

Operating systems really like IDE drives.

On separate occasions both XP and Ubuntu wrote their boot loader to the MBR of the IDE drive, even though I had installed the operating systems themselves on the SATA drive. At one point the MBR of the IDE drive was so farked I couldn’t even access my fully operational XP install. In the end I had installed XP three times and Ubuntu half a dozen times, and nuked my IDE drive before I finally got it working

It was worth it, though. I now have XP, Ubuntu and a big ol’ NTFS partition on my SATA drive, and a FAT32 partition on my IDE drive, which both XP and Ubuntu can read and write. XP has been relegated to gaming duty exclusively, which I’m hoping will reduce the number of time per year I have to wipe my drives and start over.

On a related note, Call of Duty 4 is awesome. Also, I traded in ten games or so to Gamestop and paid off my Assassin’s Creed reservation and most of my Mass Effect reservation as well.

Those three, plus The Witcher and Team Fortress 2 and Guitar Hero III… I’m set for the rest of the year, I think. No, seriously, I don’t need any more games.

(I will not reserve Rock Band… I will not reserve Rock Band… I will not reserver Rock Band.)


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