This originally appeared in the comments of Coyote’s blog post this morning. Since I’ve had trouble finding something else to write about today (I was going to talk more about Call of Duty 4, but I want to at least finish the single-player campaign first) this will suffice at least until I can find a tidbit to write about at some length.

Since we’re spouting off opinions about the writers strike, I’m going to have my cake and eat it, too!

I agree that writers aren’t being compensated enough for the work that they do. I’m not saying writers alone keep shows running. Although it’s pretty obvious to me when the writing is poor; not even the best actors can save a scene that has the lines:

Gordon: “I never said thank you…”
Batman: “…and you’ll never have to.”

You just kicked my ass for 2 hours with the best Batman movie ever made and you end with THAT!? Seriously?

Writers are an important part of the (not-so) well-oiled machine that is the entertainment industry. I think the writer’s strike has become something more than just renegotiating contracts. It’s become a David & Goliath type battle. We’re all rooting for the little guys to win. But they’re no different from any other union that’s decided to go on strike – be it airline workers, technical library staff (just happened where I work), or assembly line workers at your local auto plant.

Wait, on that last one they just lay you off. My bad.

So, yeah, let’s not forget that they did know what they were getting into when they signed they’re contract and that now they are renegotiating that contract for what they feel (and I agree) is a more appropriate salary. There’s no need to make it a good versus evil battle for social justice. It’s just business.

Oh, and there is no cake.

I guess the cake is a lie, or something.

There is one piece of interesting news today, but I’ll just mention it because I’m not yet sure how I feel about it.

Mark Wahlberg = Max Payne.

Yeah, I don’t know either.


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