Variety butt-drops Super Mario Galaxy

I haven’t played Super Mario Galaxy yet. I’m still devouring Assassin’s Creed and playing CoD4 multiplayer. Plus, Mass Effect comes out at midnight. But, considering that everyone else is pretty much calling it the best game of all time, I wonder if Variety doesn’t have someone totally unsuited for the job doing their video game reviews. They completely rip the game apart.

Perhaps this is just an example of what Mark Serrels writes about in his comments on Assassin’s Creed somewhat negative reviews last week.

You see, when you have a look at a gamerankings, or metacritic even on the most critically acclaimed games (like Bioshock, GTA, etc) there’s always one idiot that wants to be the ‘big man’ by giving Gears of War a six or something ridiculous. It just so happens that in the case of Assassin’s Creed a whole bunch of these ‘little big men’ have happened to release the exact same review at the game.

Personally, I’m having a great time playing AC, so far. The environments are wonderfully rendered, the combat system is great, and I love the way I can do all sorts of bad-ass moves by holding down two buttons and running around. I previously provided a helpful suggestion for anyone finds Assassin’s Creed becoming repetitive. I think Gabe of Penny Arcade shares my thoughts on why reviewers may have had the opinion that AC gets tedious – namely, they have to hustle through the game as quickly as possible.

This is all rather unlrelated my original point:

Variety’s game reviews suck.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. The problem is that the target audience for the the reviews isn’t ostensibly “gamers.” The reviews target Variety’s normal audience, which consists of upper-class older white people, from what I’ve seen. These are people who, for the most part, have no interest in playing games.

So, unless you’re one of those people, and chances are you aren’t if you read this blog, don’t waste your time with their game reviews. Unless its to, ya know, make fun of them.


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