…and I’m back

Wow, have I gotten behind on posting. So sorry about the lack of new content. School and life in general have gotten in the way of my providing you guys with ranting. Even now I don’t have much time to write – I have an important assignment due this afternoon. I’ll give you a quick update with more content coming later this week (hopefully).

I’ve finished Assassin’s Creed, and I plan on doing a full review, even though I’ll likely echo everything else you’ve already seen on the tubes. That’ll be coming sometime this month.

I’ve started in on Mass Effect, and I’m really enjoying it. The conversations feel organic and the story is engaging, if it is a bit clichéd. The combat system is much better than KOTOR’s, too, which was one of the reasons I could never make it through either of the games in that franchise. Although, I think it’s more suited to a mouse and keyboard setup. I think every shooter is, though. This is most certainly the compelling single-player RPG experience I’ve been waiting for! I’ll do a full review once I’ve finished the main story line, though that won’t be for a while yet.

Two pieces of personal news:

My girlfriend and I have added to our family. We brought Gabby, a three-month old tuxedo kitten, home last week. She and Max are getting along just fine, though sometimes he wishes she’d stop stalking him. She’ll calm down once she gets a little older though, and we think he enjoys the companionship while the house is empty during the day.

I’ve secured employment for next year following graduation! I’ve accepted a Technical Support Analyst position with United Health Group. It’s a call center, cube-land job, but I have to earn more experience somewhere. Besides, they have pretty good benefits and pay, so I’m happy. It’s nice to have that burden lifted as during these last two weeks of school.

Anyway, more later, after the insanity has subsided.


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