Impressions: Army of Two

I picked up a used copy of Army of Two when I sold my Wii stuff last week. I happened to be in the store attempting to get my business taken care of when a guy walked in wanting a trade. I asked him why he was getting rid of it: he explained that the multiplayer just wasn’t as good as Halo 3 (ugh) or Call of Duty 4 (hoo-ah). I also asked if he’d played the co-op campaign at all, since that’s primarily what I was interested in. Not really, he said.

This wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, though I can’t imagine why you’d get Ao2 for any reason other than the co-op campaign mode. Maybe he was as bored as the rest of us during the drought. In any case, I picked that used copy right up, intending to fully exploit ReamStop’s 7-day return policy on used games. That way my buddy Nick and I could play through as much of it as we could, or cared to, and return it at no cost. Excellent!

So, we got it home, popped it in, and launched into the co-op campaign mode.

It’s not a bad game. The reviews that are out there on the game are pretty accurate. I didn’t bother playing any mode other than the co-op campaign. There were a number of frustrations that went along with that mode. Two things specifically stood out for me and Nick.

1) The cover system is a poor excuse of one. It’s not even close to the near-perfect execution in Gears of War. It’s lazily implemented, and as such, it’s often difficult to tell if you’re in cover or not, or get the gun to aim from behind cover properly.

2) Once you get the hang of the aggro system, the boss fights are kind of a joke. If you can each manage to get on opposite sides of the boss, you can pretty much shoot at him freely until he falls.

Other than that, the game shapes up nicely as a co-op experience. Ignore the failed attempt at a conspiracy story and the quasi-comraderie between the two main characters and you should have a decent time with a buddy. It’s no GoW, but what is?

I didn’t get to finish the game before Nick left for New York for a few days, so I had to return the game in order to get my money back. However, it’s likely that we’ll attempt to rent the game at some point and finish it up. It was definitely worth another $8 to finish up.

I also have Condemned: Criminal Origins to finish up, so that I can launch into it’s sequal.

In other news, my Windows XP install has decided it wants to blue screen every time I boot, after attempting to perform a WINDOWS UPDATE. I’m not quite ready to wipe the partition yet. I just have to figure out how to get Windows to boot into safe mode when I’m loading it from GRUB.

Stupid Windows… (grumble grumble)


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