No daughter of mine…

…is going to get a tramp stamp.

Seriously, I almost cried when I saw this linked on Fark. Usually, I just post little tidbits and leave some half-assed comment. But this particular find made me so sick, I just have to expound upon the subject.

I’ve spoken at great length elsewhere about the benefits of having a sexually liberated society. Men have always been allowed, per se, to be complete hornballs. It’s “natural,” even expected that men really enjoy sex, or watching other people do it. Or even just thinking about it.

Up until recently any woman who enjoyed having sex because it’s fun and feels good, was thought of as an immoral whore. Conventional wisdom was that, for women, sex was about pleasing their man and having babies.

These days its a lot easier to find women who really enjoy sex for the sake of it, though it’s still typically frowned upon for a woman to have sex with a lot of different partners and not feel guilty about it. And I’m talking about responsible (wrap it up, people!), consensual sex.


There is a problem, it seems, with all this free-flowing sexuality. Every time I go to the Mall of America (which is not very often, because I hate malls), I end up walking by a store called Libby Lu, which is apparently a place you can take your pre-teen daughter and have her dolled up like a whore! Isn’t that fantastic? This place always has kids in it, and their parents are just standing there smiling like morons!

From the Libby Lu Website:

Company Information

Our Mission

At Club Libby Lu®, our mission is to create special memories by encouraging tween girls to express their imaginations and individuality. Club Libby Lu offers products and experiences that promote a unique shopping experience that makes every girl feel special. Our staff (called Club Counselors), “Club” environment and merchandise mix provide the ultimate girl experience. Girls join the Club, where they become V.I.P.s (Very Important Princesses®) and enjoy a fun, safe and special place where they can unlock their inner princess™

Inner princess!? This is what it means to be a princess now?

 Image from NJLife Blog at NJ.com

It looks like a “tweener” brothel. These girls are dressed as scantily as the flesh pile that is the bar scene in Downtown Minneapolis.

My point is  the kind of things this company is doing to these girls can’t be healthy for their sexual development. Why can’t little girls be little girls? Tell me the benefit of slapping a bunch of makeup on them and dressing them up like they’re in a Brittney Spears video.

Image from The Washington Post Photo Store



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