NEWS: J.T. might be out of the legal game for a decade

Gamers and first-amendment activists everywhere should chalk this one up as a victory.

According to GamesIndustry.biz (and others), the Florida Bar has recommended that Jack Thompson, noted video game attack-dog be disbarred for 10 years for less than ethical practices during law suits against video game production/development companies and retailers.

Unfortunately, it seems that we aren’t through with this vendetta-obsessed distorter of the truth (read: LIAR). According to Game Politics, JT circulated an email which he claimed persons involved in the case acted illegally.

Under the subject line of SWEET! (GP: I kid you not), an e-mail circulated by Thompson this morning cites today’s Daily Business Review coverage of his case and reads, in part:

Because of the [DBR] article, which contains my entire Objections filing, I am now getting phone calls from highly respected people who are proving to me the criminal conduct of The Florida Bar… We are meeting with law enforcement officials about that. 
This is all wonderful.  Light is now being shone in some very dark places, and the Daily Business Review has assisted in that wonderfully.
I am now going to win this fight, by the grace of God and because of the First Amendment, most particularly the right to freedom of the press.  Certain Florida Bar officials need to hire criminal defense lawyers today.  The investigations are already underway.  And if you think I’m kidding, then you don’t know Jack.

Le sigh. This guy doesn’t know when to quit. Of course, if news outlets would stop legitimizing him by bringing him on to talk his nonsense, maybe we could get somewhere.

I would feel sorry for Jack if he weren’t so damn arrogant. The man is now going after the judge who ruled in his case and after Florida Supreme Court Justices on an alleged technicality with regard their state loyalty oaths. If that’s not a way to permanently destroy your legal career, I don’t know what is.

Even if he does somehow manage to have the trial judge removed, wouldn’t that just result in a mistrial? If so, don’t you think any future judge would be even more likely to find the man guilty?

He’s already recognized as a charlatan in the gaming community, and soon the rest of the world will see firsthand what we’ve been saying all along. Well, they would if the major news outlets would pick up the story. A search for Jack Thompson on CNN.com yielded no results on this story. FoxNews has also neglected to pick up Jack’s story, which is strange considering they’ve had him on the network a few times. Law.com was the only non-gaming outlet to pick up the story in a Google News search for Jack Thompson.

On a mostly unrelated note: Huzzah!


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