NEWS: Minnesota owes games industry $65,000 in legal fees

Seriously, State Legislatures, stop wasting my and other taxpayers’ money with futile lawsuits. The video game industry can self-regulate just like the music and movie industries. We have a ratings system. Those ratings are clearly marked on the box, and are no more or less vague than the movie ratings. There are even parental controls built into some of the latest generation consoles. What more do you want?

That was from a previous post I wrote back in November about the inanity of attempting to pass legislation regulating the sale of violent video games. Minnesota’s recent foray into this pointless pursuit was legislation that would have fined the underage purchasers of M or AO rated video games. Seriously? You want to fine a teenager a hundred bucks for attempting to buy Grand Theft Auto? That’s like an entire paycheck for most 16 year-olds, if they even have a job…

To illustrate my previous point, it looks like the taxpayers are getting stuck with check for the $65,000 dollars awarded to the games industry. Well done, Minnesota! Let’s write a guide to wasting taxpayer money!

1) Spend taxpayer dollars to cover court costs for unconstitutional legislation.

2) Spend taxpayer (and tuition) money to help construct a new football stadium for the worthless Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Team. The Golden Gophers finished DEAD LAST in 2007-2008 in the Big Ten, with an outstanding conference record of 0-8, and an overall record of 1-11. Their enitre recent history has been no less impressive. In  my opinion, the Metrodome is a perfectly good place to watch the Gophers lose. To boot, the new stadium is open air! So, not only do you get to watch the Gophers blow huge leads to nobody teams, you get to freeze your ass off while you do it!

3) Spend taxpayer money to help construct a brand new stadium for the Minnesota Twins. This despite fact that the Twins almost NEVER fill their current venu, the Metrodome.

/end rant


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