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The holiday game-storm

It’s September folks, and you know what that means! Unless you have a ton of disposable income, you’re going to have to start picking and choosing which new games you’re going to pick up on release day!

I mourn the long summer months when the big releases dry up. But at least when the odd game is released, either because it’s been pushed back from the previous Christmas season, or a publisher wants to capitalize on the lack of competition, you can generally afford to pick it up right away.

But now comes the deluge. The anticipated releases of this calendar year will increase from a trickle to a flood over the next two months, and I’m already getting anxious about the decisions I’m going to have to make. I’m banking on games that are going to give me a lot of playtime and replay value to get more bang for my buck, e.g., Fallout 3. But then titles like Gears of War 2 leave me salivating. I guess renting is an option for some of these, but good luck finding a Blockbuster that’ll have these titles in at all during the first six months after their release. Besides, a number of them are PC games. What is a poor gamer to do?

My wish-list follows, in order of release date.

  • Civilization IV: Colonization – Sept. 22 – PC
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming – Sept. 30 – X360
  • Sonic Chronicles – Sept. 30 – DS
  • Fracture – Oct. 7 – X360
  • Dead Space – Oct. 14 – X360
  • Fable II – Oct. 21 – X360
  • Far Cry 2 – Oct. 21 – X360
  • Fallout 3 – Oct. 28 – PC
  • Gears of War 2 – Nov. 7 – X360
  • Call of Duty: World At War – Nov. 11 – PC
  • Left 4 Dead – Nov. 20 – PC
  • The Last Remnant – Nov. 20 – X360
  • Chrono Trigger DS – Nov. 25 – DS

The games in bold I’ll almost definitely pick up; all others are pending critical response and available funds.

What are you guys stoked about this Christmas season?


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